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The Doreen Gauthier Lighthouse Point Library

Donating Your Gently Used Books

As of August, 2023

Thank you for your interest in donating your gently used books and DVDs to the Friends! Due to storage limitations the Friends are currently NOT able to accept any book, DVD, or audiobook donations. Please check back in October 2023 for more information.

Based on annual storage limitations, past book sale earnings, and feedback from long serving volunteers, the following book sale donation guidelines have been put into place.

The Friends of the Library will accept a maximum of THREE banker size boxes per resident of the following:

  • Any book with a 2022 or 2023 copyright date (on any topic, youth or adult, fiction or non-fiction, hardcover or paperback).
  • YOUTH or YA books of any age (on any topic, fiction or non-fiction, hardcover or paperback).
  • Adult FICTION PAPERBACK books of any age.
  • DVDs and Audiobooks on CD of any age.

The Friends DO NOT accept pre-2022 adult non-fiction books, pre-2022 adult hardcover fiction, any encyclopedias, text books, magazines, records, VHS tapes, toys, clothes, or puzzles. 

Please Remember…

The donation of materials must be made in the Library during regular business hours. For the safety of City staff and Library volunteers, any donation left in the Library return box or abandoned outside of the building are sent directly to the dumpster.
The Friends are unable to retrieve specific items once they are donated.
PLEASE make certain there are no keepsakes in your donated materials.

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