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The Doreen Gauthier Lighthouse Point Library

Friends of the Library

Become a member of The Friends of the Lighthouse Point Library!

Who are the Friends?
The Friends of the Lighthouse Point Library is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support literacy, programming, collections, and volunteers at the Lighthouse Point Library and throughout the community.

Are the Friends a recognized non-profit organization for tax purposes?
Yes. The Friends of the Library Lighthouse Point, Inc. were established in 1984 under IRS 501(c)(3) EIN 59-2331329.

What do the Friends do?
Each year the Friends add numerous items to the physical collections and sponsor youth and adult programming enhancements including: Special events, author talks, story time crafts, school field trip literacy packs, Teen Advisory Board needs, session snacks, and outreach programs to local schools. Moreover, the Friends support the Library’s wonderful corps of 100+ volunteers. This enables the Library and City to host an annual volunteer appreciation luncheon. The Friends also send each volunteer birthday cards, get well flowers, provide shift refreshments, and a holiday thank you gift.

How do I join?
To pay by Credit Card or PayPal see Friends of the Lighthouse Point Library Annual Membership button. To pay by check, please stop by the Library for a print membership form.
The annual fees are:
Individual $25
Family $75
Business $150
Seniors (Over 65) $15

Friends of the Library lifetime members are honored on The 1965 Society Wall. Giving levels are represented by animals who make their home off Florida’s coastline. 
The 1965 Giving Levels are:
   • Angelfish $1,000
   • Sea Turtle $5,000
   • Dolphin $10,000
   • Marlin $15,000
   • Manatee $20,000
   • Whale $25,000
   • Starfish 20 Years of library volunteer service

Remember, everything we do is only possible because of the support received from Friends of the Library members like YOU!

The Friends of the Library

President Pam Sargent 
Vice-President Donna Cohen
Secretary/Treasurer Doreen Gauthier
Board Members
   • Tory Anderson
   • Carolyn Bergamini
   • Suzanne Marquette Esposito
   • Michele Greene
   • Mary Cavaioli
   • Nancy Cohen
   • Ruth Ann Fleming
   • Susie Gordon
   • Debbie Moran
   • Sue Neff
   • Amy Patterson
   • John Spera
   • Marjorie Troast
   • Rene Turner-Mahfood
   • Megan Waskin

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