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The Doreen Gauthier Lighthouse Point Library

Teen Volunteer Application

    This application is for individuals ages 13 to 17.
    Thank you for completing a Library volunteer application! After your application is processed, you will be contacted for an interview with the Youth Services Librarian. At the time of your interview, you are required to bring a print copy of your application which has been signed by your parent/guardian.
    Currently all teen volunteer positions are filled except for Virtual Volunteering

    The Library’s Teen Volunteer Program is for local students who are:
    • In the 7th to 12th grade at a local middle or high school, distance/online or homeschool program.
    • Have an active Lighthouse Point Library card.
    • In good standing with their school program.
    • Looking for a way to earn community service hours for their school, community group, or own personal growth.
    • Ready to make a difference in their community!


    Summer 2024 Teen Volunteering.
    Teen volunteer applications are accepted starting May 01 for Lighthouse Point residents and June 10 for residents of other cities. A Lighthouse Point Library card is required for all teen volunteers. Teens are limited to 2 volunteer shifts per week. Due to the high demand for teen summer volunteer spots, the Library is may not be able to fill all teen requests.

    Please rank your shift preference. Choice 1 = First and 5 = Last

    Currently all teen volunteer positions are filled except for Virtual Volunteering
    Virtual Teen Volunteer Book Reviews allows students to receive three volunteer hours for reading and video reviewing one kids' or young adult book from the Lighthouse Point Library's collection. Videos are posted to the Library's Facebook page and/or website. There is a limit of 4 books reviews and 12 virtual volunteer hours per student.

    Individual Community Service Project
    An individual community service project volunteer is a Lighthouse Point teen who is working on a single Library project that is tied to a separate organization (i.e. Eagle Scout Project, Senior School Project) or other City Departments. To be considered for this type of volunteering, the teen must live in the City of Lighthouse Point and have created a basic plan of their proposed project that includes an overview, timeline, funding, and a plan for the long-term upkeep of the project after graduation. If you are requesting this type of volunteering, provide a brief overview of your purposed project in the box below (250 words max).

    Teen Volunteer Expectations
    • Be courteous to others. Speak as if a nice grandmother or cute little kid is right behind you (they probably are).
    • Arrive on time for your shift.
    • If you are not able to cover your shift, you must call or email the Youth Librarian no less than 24 hours before your shift starts.
    • After a student misses two shifts without contacting the Library, their volunteer shift will be given to the next student on the wait list.
    • Remain in your assigned work area.
    • YOU are responsible for having a staff member sign your school time log(s) at the end of each volunteering session. Each student is responsible for maintaining their volunteer records. The Library does NOT keep or maintain school volunteer records.
    • Silence your phone. No phone or headphone use while volunteering.
    • Refrain from eating and drinking.
    • To request a letter of recommendation (for scholarships, colleges, or jobs) send an email to the Youth Librarian with all details. A letter will be ready TEN business days from the date of the request.
    • You should be clean and well-groomed.
    • Dress in a professional manner. At a minimum, your opaque (not see through) clothing should be in good repair, clean, have some type of sleeve, and cover you from approximately four inches above the knee to your collarbone. Since Florida is a subtropical climate, capris, sandals, tunics, polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, shorts/skirts/dresses, casual wear, and school uniforms are allowed. If you wear leggings your loose top should end mid-thigh (all the way around).
    • No clothing will be allowed that defames or degrades any gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, culture, nationality, ancestry, age group, physical impairment, or mental impairment. Additionally, there are ABSOLUTELY NO pajamas, costumes, bandage-wear/tube tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, plunging/revealing necklines, sheer clothing, painted on coverage, short-shorts, lingerie/underwear as outerwear, miniskirts, or swimsuits allowed.

    I understand that since the Library does NOT keep or maintain school volunteer records, I am responsible for having a staff member sign my school time log(s) at the end of each volunteering session, and for maintaining my own school volunteer records.

    I understand that because it is a mandatory condition imposed by a legal authority, court-ordered community service is NOT considered volunteerism and cannot be accommodated by the Lighthouse Point Library. Additionally, NO court related documents regarding volunteering will be endorsed by Library staff.

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